5203 52street, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, X1A 1T8, CANADA


Embleton House Policies 



Unless we receive a reply from you stating otherwise, it is understood that you have read and agree to our cancellation polices and house policies below and the information on this confirmation has been reviewed and is correct.


Here is what happens with the credit card number you give us to reserve your stay.


 We do not take a deposit.


Your reservation will be secured with your credit card by preauthorizing it about 5 days prior to your arrival.  When a card is preauthorized it is not charged but it insures that the card is valid and able to have the amount charged to it. It is like reserving the payment without charging it.


Once you are you arrive your credit card on file can be charged or you can to pay cash or debit and we can delete the preauthorization.


 If the information we receive for credit card is found to be invalid you will be notified and given an opportunity to correct it. .


If you do not reply within 24 hours of notification your reservation will be cancelled.



No pets and smoking inside the B&B: Bringing pets in or smoking indoors will result in a $300 dollar charge for cleaning fees. After the initial base cleaning fee the customer will be charged the hourly cleaning rate of a cleaning company to return the room / suite to smoke or pet free status.  There is s smoking area on each deck. We ask that guest place their cigarette butts in the supplied containers and refrain from disposing them in our yard.  Please take note and do not smoke where windows are open. 


No drunkenness or illegal drug use is permitted in our B&B or on our B&B premises and property. We do not mind if you have drink but expect no problems as a result of it. Persons causing a problem or disturbance will be told to leave or will removed by RCMP. Any illegal drug use will be reported to RCMP. If there is a disturbance or drug use is an issue you will be told to leave and will be charged for the full booking.  


Quiet time starts at 11 PM:  No overnight visitors, and no visitors in B&B after 11 PM.  Please be considerate of others and remember others in the B&B will be sleeping. Keep your voices down when coming and going during the night from outings and tours. Quite time also applies to seating areas on each deck. If you choose to be there please be considerate of others who may be close by with windows open. Please refrain from slamming doors and going back and forth numerous times. Please note: If you choose to have an overnight visitor you need to register them prior to them staying. You will be charged for an extra person. If you do not register them you will be charged for that person and may be asked to leave depending on the circumstances. If you are asked to leave; you will be charged for the entire stay.




Parking: we do not accept responsibility for vandalism to vehicles parked on or near Embleton House property. Please do not leave valuables in the vehicle and lock the doors. In winter there is a $10 per night energized parking fee.


CANCELLATION POLICIES /Cancelled Flight Policies / Early Check out Policies

Cancelling your reservation once you have checked in:

If you wish to check out early please understand that this is a business and we are busy. When we reserve space for you we are turning other guests away to keep the nights and days you have chosen. Unlike a hotel we do not have a lot of rooms / suites to generate income from. If you wish to check out early we you will be charged as follows: If we can fill the space nothing will be charged to you. If we cannot fill the space “A cancellation fee” of 50 % for first night cancelled and 35% per night for the remainder of the nights you booked.


Cancellation after you have made a reservation and prior to checking in:

If you wish to cancel your booking; please understand and respect the fact we only have four private Studios Suites and three private bedrooms in a shared guest apartment. In order to honor the accommodations you reserved we are often turning others away to do so.


To avoid being charged for your reserved stay you must cancel 72 hours prior to your arrival date (3 days). If you fail to cancel your booking with in this time slot you will be charged.

Late flights cancelled flights, illness, accidents etcetera: TO AVOID CHARGES: Always keep us informed. It will often save you money to do so

When we know what you are doing (even without 72 hours’ notice) we can often fill the space you reserved. (This saves you money) If we know you are not arriving as planned we may be able to book someone else into your time slot at the last minute. If we are able to do this you will not be charged for the nights we are able to fill. For every day you reserved that we are able to fill your money will be returned to you.

No fault cancellation Notes: What we charge when your flight is cancelled.

Understand when your accommodation is secured by your credit card number and is kept for you. To keep what you reserved we will be turning other guests away in order to secure your reservation. .

If your flight has been cancelled due to an airline problem or weather please note insurance from an airline or credit card companies or airline insurance often will cover the cost of your secured accommodation. You should check with them in regards to this so you will know. If extenuating circumstances cause you to miss your flight such as flight cancellation, sickness or an accident; a medical note, or accident report will be required to avoid payment. Also please check with your airline and credit card Company to see if your insurance covers a situation like this.

If you notify us right away that you will not be arriving we will do our best to rent your reserved time so you will not have to pay.

Instructions for cancelling your booking/ reservation:

  When cancelling; it is preferable that you try phoning us as soon as possible. If that is not possible fax or email with a read receipt.  If for some reason there is a need to leave a message on our answering machine please make sure you push the correct extension. Our office Number is 1-867-873 2892 extension 0. You can also follow up with a text to 1-867-445-4181 or an email to [email protected] or a fax to 1-867-873- 4927. We will always respond to your cancellation to acknowledge your request to cancel.

General Information:

Our check out time is 11 AM. Please have your belongings packed up and removed from your room. Also please have your breakfast finished by 11 AM on the day you depart. It is important that you do this as often we have guests arriving in less than two hours from the 11 AM departure and we need this time to prepare for their arrival.

If your flight departs later in the day we will be happy to store your belongings for you. Please do not leave your bags in your room. (Make arrangements as to where to leave your bags for storage)

IMPORTANAT NOTE: If you go out on your check out day and leave your room /suite and your bags are not packed and removed from your room/ suite by check out time your bags will be packed for you and they will then be removed by our staff and stored in a safe place. There is a Minimum charge of $50 for this service.

If you need more nights added to your stay; make arrangements for that extra night! We do not always just have an extra night to give.

INTERNET USAGE:  (In Yellowknife we do not have limitless internet) The conditions and guidelines of use are as follows: “Skype," "Web cams", "Face Time” use them conservatively or not at all if possible If needed: use them please do not use them for extended periods of time  ---  Please use once in a 24 hour period.

Nowatching "Net Flicks", movies and videos on line and streaming music. These kind of uploads and down loads use a lot of our internet.  Each guest’s usage will be monitored.   Please note we reserve the right to discontinue the free service and will turn off transmission of service if our monitor shows you over use of up and down loads.


PARKING: Parking is very limited. Often it is necessary for you to park on the street.  It should be noted: We assume no responsibility for the contents or any vehicles while parked on or near our property. If you need energized parking make arrangements with us for that prior to your arrival. (There is a $10 charge for energized parking on a timer)  Depending on how many guests need this service we may not be able to supply every one with it.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The person who secured the room or suite will be charged on the card they supplied should any infraction of the above policies result in the registered guest being told to leave or when damages repairs or cleaning to the premises need to be dealt with.   


NOTE: We also reserve the right to bill the company or government department that booked you here should this happen.

Items that may add extra cost of this booking are:


***energized parking*** $10.00 per night on a timer. NOTE: Normally only required at -30 to -35 c unless you do not use synthetic oil, Please make arrangements with us for this there are not always enough spaces for everyone to plug in. First come, first serve.


Laundry Services: Use by appointment only: The cost is $5 to wash $5 to dry. We will supply unscented environmentally sound laundry detergent and fabric softener and give instructions on how to use our equipment.


Failure to pack your bags and remove them from your room / suite by check out time of 11 AM will cost you $50 Check out time is 11 AM (unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed)